Is Armenia in Europe or Asia? What continent is Armenia in?

As Armenian history of the 1920s and of the Genocide came to be more openly discussed, writers like Paruyr Sevak, Gevork Emin, Silva Kaputikyan and Hovhannes Shiraz began a brand new period of literature. Armenians constitute the principle population of Armenia and the de facto impartial Artsakh. There is a wide-ranging diaspora of around 5 million individuals of full or partial Armenian ancestry living outdoors modern Armenia. The largest Armenian populations at present exist in Russia, the United States, France, Georgia, Iran, Germany, Ukraine, Lebanon, Brazil and Syria.

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In the 16th century, the Ottoman Empire and Safavid Iran divided Armenia. From the early sixteenth century, each Western Armenia and Eastern Armenia fell under Iranian Safavid rule. Owing to the century-long Turco-Iranian geo-political rivalry that might last in Western Asia, vital elements of the area had been incessantly fought over between the two rival empires. From 1604 Abbas I of Iran implemented a scorched earth policy in the region to protect his north-western frontier towards any invading Ottoman forces, a coverage which concerned a pressured resettlement of masses of Armenians exterior of their homelands.

In a survey of Armenian-American delicacies, ginger was rated an essential spice. Lamb, yogurt, eggplant and bread are primary features of the delicacies of the Caucasus, and on this regard, Armenian cuisine is commonly comparable, however there are some regional differences. Armenian dishes make heavy use of bulgur, especially in their pilavs, whereas Georgian variations use maize, and Azeri cuisine favors rice. Armenian delicacies also makes use of mixed flours made from wheat, potato and maize, which produces flavors that are tough to replicate.


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Medieval, Iron Age, Bronze Age and even Stone Age sites are all inside a couple of hours drive from town. All however essentially the most spectacular stay just about undiscovered, allowing visitors to view churches and fortresses of their original settings. Yerevan Vernissage (arts and crafts market), near Republic Square, bustles with lots of of vendors promoting a wide range of crafts on weekends and Wednesdays (though the choice is much lowered mid-week). The market offers woodcarving, antiques, fantastic lace, and the hand-knotted wool carpets and kilims which might be a Caucasus speciality. Obsidian, which is discovered regionally, is crafted into assortment of jewellery and ornamental objects.

This determine, nevertheless, accounts for solely the primary 12 months of the Genocide and does not keep in mind those that died or had been killed after the report was compiled on 24 May 1916. The International Association of Genocide Scholars locations the demise toll at “greater than a million”.

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Salads are a staple of the Armenian food plan, together with numerous yogurt soups and lamb stews, which typically embody apricots. Murat Belge has written that both Armenian and Iranian cuisines have meat and fruit dishes, where meat is cooked along with fruits like quince and plums, that are uncommon in Ottoman delicacies. and Igor Diakonoff Some Effects of the Hurro-Urartian People and Their Languages upon the Earliest Armenians, Oct–Dec 1991, pp. 727. The Orontid dynasty, additionally recognized by their native title Eruandid or Yervanduni, was a hereditary Armenian dynasty and the rulers of the successor state to the Iron Age kingdom of Urartu (Ararat). The Orontids established their supremacy over Armenia around the time of the Scythian and Median invasion in the sixth century BC.

Armenian–Kurdish relations covers the historical relations between the Kurds and the Armenians. After the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, lots of newly unemployed people discovered themselves with no income. The predominantly industrial and commerce based society of Armenia was abruptly compelled to be impartial and rebuild an financial system because of its location. Some individuals who lost their livelihood in other sectors got into agriculture, finding a safety internet there.

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This has led some scholars to suggest a hypothetical Graeco-Armenian-Aryan clade throughout the Indo-European language household from which the Armenian, Greek, Indo-Iranian, and presumably Phrygian languages all descend. Additionally, linguist Robert I. Kim has noted distinctive morphological developments connecting Armenian to Balto-Slavic languages. Most Armenians adhere to the Armenian Apostolic Church, a non-Chalcedonian church, which can also be the world’s oldest nationwide church.

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